How many of these do you remember?


Top Cat


Beany and Cecil


Baba Looey



Fat Albert

Fat Albert

Judy Jetson

Judy Jetson



Popeye The Sailor

Popeye The Sailor

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo

Tazmanian Devil

Tazmanian Devil

Under Dog

Under Dog


Wilma and Fred Flintstone


Barney Rubble


Chip and Dale


Crusader Rabbit


Droopy Dog


Gumby and Pokey


Magila Gorilla




Yogi and Boo-Boo Bear

Yogi and Boo-Boo Bear


Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy


Tom and Jerry


Speed Racer


Rocky and Bullwinkle


Boris and Natasha


Rat Fink


Mr Peabody and Sherman


Mighty Mouse


Master Cylinder


Mr Magoo


Bugs Bunny and Gossamer


Well, with this post, my blog has sunken to an all time low. In search of that interesting, thought provoking, one of a kind post, I decided to share my experience with a clogged main sewer line. There, I said it, but I did warn you that this was ‘an all time low’ for this blog.

A couple nights ago I was watching some television and my wife called out to me from another part of the house and said “we have a leak!”. I yelled to her, “honey, I’m coming”, I jumped up from the couch and dashed to where she was…okay, it didn’t happen exactly that way. I didn’t yell “honey I was coming” (I probably grumbled under my breath) or jump up and dash to her, but I eventually got to where she was and saw that the bathroom floor was covered in water and the adjacent tub was partially filled with water. Okay, I was thinking, if the tub is only partially filled and there was no indication that the water overflowed the tub, then receded, then how did all that water get on the floor? Hey, hey, so, maybe this post is turning out to be an interesting, thought provoking, and a one of a kind post. :)

Upon closer inspection, I saw that the water in the tub originated from the washing machine that my wife was running. The water in the tub was then trying to seek it’s own level and found the perfect spot; the toilet. Water from the tub was leaking from the base of the toilet, gross!

I immediately grabbed a bunch of rags and towels and my wife laid them out on the floor and tried to absorb as much as possible. I went to the garage to get our wet/dry vacuum and started sucking up all the water on the floor and in the tub. At first I poured this captured water into the bathroom sink, but then I realized that it was feeding back into the tub; doh!

Anyway, to keep this as short as possible (ha, you know when I say this, it’s going to go on forever), I got some of this stuff called “Instant Power Hair & Grease Drain Opener” at HomeDepot. I bought two 2 liter bottles and poured the majority of them into all of the affected drains, plus some of the other drains in the house to attack the clog from all sides. :)


After about 6 hours I ran the hot water as instructed and to my amazement, it seems to have worked. So I went ahead and ran the washing machine again and during the drain cycle, the tub immediately backed up again. The instructions say don’t plunge, but I was desperate, so I plunged and plunged and plunged again and to my amazement, still nothing! Usually you may get a little sign of drainage after plunging, but this baby was plugged up solid. Don’t do as I do, I recommend following the instructions and safety instructions on the bottle, not my written words because you could get a serious chemical burn if this stuff splashes on you, plus, in the end, it didn’t help at all to plunge the drain.

It was late so I sucked out the water in the tub once again and poured in more drain opener and called it a night. I said if this doesn’t clear up by tomorrow, then I’m going to call the plumber.

Morning arrives and I ran the hot water in the tub as instructed and to my amazement, IT WORKED! I ran the washing machine on the drain cycle, ran the water in the bathroom sinks and flushed the toilet all at the same time and the tub did not back up into the tub at all.

Although I had to do all the work and sweat my butt off, this product saved me possibly hundreds of dollars in plumber charges and waiting around for the plumber to finish the job. I figure this post still fits the theme of my blog, which is remembering things from my past. Hopefully this will be a faint memory in my distant past and not reoccur again. Hope this helps someone in a similar situation.

shirley-temple licking her lips

Born, Shirley Jane Temple on April 23, 1928 in Santa Monica, California.

Shirley Temple started acting at the ripe old age of 3. To this day, she holds the record for being the youngest person to receive an Academy Award.

Shirley Temple acted in 40 plus movies during her career and all of them were years before I was born, but thanks to syndication, reruns and all that other TV network speak, my family and I were able to watch many of her most well known movies like, Heidi, The Little Princess, The Little Colonel, Curly Top, and Bright Eyes, to name a few.


Shirley Temple died at the age of 85, on February 10, 2014 at her home in Woodside, California with her family and caregivers by her side.

Her movies and songs will live on and on. One of her most famous songs is “On the Good Ship Lollipop” from the movie “Bright Eyes” in 1934.

Wikipedia has a very detailed history of her life, so I won’t duplicate that here. You can click on this link to go to that web page.



Decades ago, drive-thru dairies were more prevalent in and around the cities where I lived.

Back in the 1970’s, my then girlfriend lived a block behind a drive-thru dairy. The first time I drove to her parents house, her driving instructions included,…our house is on the street behind the drive-thru dairy, just look for the big black and white cow on the corner. Of course I’m paraphrasing here, because I don’t remember her exact words after all this time, but it was something along those lines.

The day approached for my date with my girlfriend, and sure enough, as I got closer to her house, I spied a BIG black & white cow statue (most likely made of fiberglas) posed on the corner of the street where the drive-thru dairy was.


The above image isn’t the actual statue, but it was the only one I could find.

As far as the actual drive-thru dairy experience, I never actually drove my car through the dairy to purchase groceries, but I did walked through, since it was just a 1/2 block away.

A sign of the times,the drive-thru dairy is no longer there, housing has taken over the property where the ol’ dairy once stood.

The ‘OLD COW’ will be missed too!

No, I didn’t break up with my girlfriend, I married her. :)

Oh come on, you didn’t see that coming!

wimpy holding hamburger

What! You say you’ve never heard of Wimpy?

Well, you must not have been a cartoon watcher as a kid or you just didn’t watch the Popeye the Sailor Man cartoon series. The Popeye character has been around since the late 1920’s and is still around today on clothes and as toys.

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”, were the words that Wimpy, the pleasantly plump friend of Popeye in the Popeye cartoons back in the 1960’s, use to say quite often. Wimpy was quite the moocher.

A 6-minute Popeye cartoon, featuring Wimpy:

Ask any of my close friends and they’ll tell you that one of my favorite foods is the good ol’ hamburger.

I’m not one of those hamburger snobs either. I don’t care for those fancy gourmet burgers either with all that unrecognizable stuff in it, like what are arugula, feta and sprouts doing in a burger! Just give me a good old fashion all American cheeseburger with an all beef patty, sesame seed bun, lettuce, onion, tomato, mustard and ketchup. Make it a double decker while you’re at it.

I went to a place that is relatively new in my area, called Black Bear Diner and they have a hamburger called the Bacon & Cheddar Stuffed Burger. It’s a beef patty stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon bits. I’ve had it a couple times, and it was delicious, one of the best, tastiest burgers I’ve ever had.

The phrase that Wimpy uttered back in my ’60s era, has endured all of these years and was even used on the television show, The Office:

To learn more about Wimpy, click link below:

If you want to learn more about the Hamburger, check out wikipedia’s explanation:


The Adamson family of Malibu, California were vacationing in Switzerland when their hot air balloon excursion went terribly wrong. The balloon crashed in the town of Montbovon after colliding with power lines and falling 165 feet to the ground.

Grant Adamson died at the scene, his wife Terry and two daughters Lauren and Megan were airlifted to a hospital with serious injuries.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing about this story, it’s because I wrote a post back in June 2012 about Adohr Farms (the milkman) which was connected to the Adamson family.

See my post on Adohr Farms.

Read the full news story here:
The wealthy descendant of Malibu’s founders identified as the American tourist killed in Swiss hot air balloon crash.


Well if you are familiar with the acronym BBS, then you are no doubt familiar with SYSOP as well. This could also mean that you are a little geekish, as well as real old too, or at least well informed. :)

Okay, if you saw the title of this post, then you already know that BBS stands for Bulletin Board System, and SYSOP stands for the person that runs the bulletin board system, the System Operator.

leading edge computer model dThis post takes me back to the days before the internet was a common household name. This period in my life conjures up memories of monochrome monitors in either green, amber or just plain black & white and computers that ran solely off floppy drives (no hard drive). The photo of the computer to the left is similar to the model that I had. It was a Leading Edge brand computer, considered an IBM 8088 clone and I guess at the time, it could have been considered leading edge technology. The computer I had only came with floppy drives and no internal hard drive. After numerous times of having to swap out floppies just to run a program, I sprung for an internal hard drive.

So what is a bulletin board system (BBS)? Instead of rehashing what has been posted elsewhere, here is the first paragraph from, explaining what a BBS is. “A bulletin board system, or BBS, is a computer system running software that allows users to connect and log into the system using a terminal program. Once logged in, a user can perform functions such as uploading and downloading software and data, reading news and bulletins, and exchanging messages with other users, either through email, public message boards, and sometimes via direct chatting. Many BBSes also offer on-line games, in which users can compete with each other, and BBSes with multiple phone lines often provide chat rooms, allowing users to interact with each other.”

I was intrigued by the thought of setting up my own BBS, so others could log-in and visit my bulletin board. I use to attend computer swap meets and would stop by the tables of vendors that were selling Shareware (see wikipedia’s explanation of shareware), and thumb through the endless boxes of floppy disks that were contained in them. Now when I say floppy disks, I don’t mean the 3-1/2″ hard plastic type, but I mean the 5-1/4″ flexible (floppy) style, they were either black or a small assortment of colors like red, green, yellow and more.

The boxes of floppies were usually filed in different categories such as games, utilities, internet, etc, to make it easier to find what you were looking for or even what you didn’t know what you were looking for. After searching for a few minutes, I came across what I was looking for, it was the Wildcat BBS software.

After getting home, I popped the floppy disk into my computer and started the installation process. Wildcat is just one of many different bulletin board system software developers. I played with setting it up for more than few days and after a time, I gave up on it and was on to bigger and better things.

Now that I think about it, these Bulletin Board Systems are not unlike the modern day blog (which you are reading now). I guess for me, it was just too far ahead of its time, but after all these years have passed, I finally got my BBS (Blog) going.

This is what Google might have looked like on a BBS: