11 comments on “Emmett Kelly As “Weary Willie”

  1. Thank you for remembering Emmett. I am married to his daughter Stasia and have written a one-man play about him which we’re working to bring to life along with other ways to bring his image back to life. Would love for you to visit our Facebook page, just search for Emmett Kelly, Sr. I’ve posted this link there today.

    • Hello Steve, thanks for your comment and for posting a link back to my post. Let me know when the play comes out, I think it will be good therapy for me to confront the clown again. : D

  2. I work at a plumbing shop and we’ve got Willie the clown as pictured above sitting on a shelf, wouldn’t even begin to know how old he is, we’ve been in business over a hundred years, and i know he’s been here most of it…. :-)

    • Hi Naldy

      Thanks for your comment. Although I couldn’t see the photo you were talking about. It’s good to hear that other people out there still have memories of Emmett Kelly (scary or otherwise), or in your case, have a daily reminder of him sitting on your shelf. Take care!

  3. my great grandfather owned a popcorn truck that worked the fairs years ago. They gave those dolls away as prizes. My family has two of them. My brother has one and I have the other. I have had it since I was a little girl. I myself have had it for about forty years. I have wonder the value of these dolls. They say that there was only one hundred of these made. I’m not sure if this is correct or not. If you could let me know if you have ant information regarding this please let me know. I would like to insure it if it is valuable. Thank you.

    • I don’t have any information on the value or the circulation number of these dolls, but if I run across something I will let you know. If you look at the other comments on the Emmett Kelly post, there’s a person by the name of Steve Woodburn and he said he’s married to Emmett Kelly’s daughter. He may have a site that you can get contact information and possibly pose these questions to him. Now, understand, I can’t say whether this person is authentic or not. I can just go by what he’s telling me. Good luck!

      If you find out anything, would you mind letting me know the answer?

  4. I too have the same doll in mint condition, he belonged to my parents who have had him for as long as I can remember and they both recently passed away ,I too would like to know his value

  5. I recently purchased an Emmett Kelley doll. I was born and raised in Peru, Indiana. The doll is weary willy and in very good shape. Do you know of the present value of him?

      • Hi John, thanks for your comments. I’m no expert on the Weary Willie doll and as I’ve told a previous commenter, you may want to check with an antique shop to see if they could give you a ballpark value. I just happened to look on eBay and I just saw a (NEW) Weary Willie for a “Buy It Now” price of $249. I saw a used one too for $79.

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