4 comments on “Color Organ

  1. I had (and still have) the Radio Shack color organ that doesn’t have a microphone. This one you have to tap onto your speaker output for it to work.
    It was awesome in the 70’s. I believe it still works. And yes, the separate colors should respond to the different frequencies of the sounds. Runs off of 120 volts.

    • What a blessing!!! Had one but got stolen years back.. Im a retiree and want to build one if you can email me your schematic. Sure will be a blessing if u can help in any way. 80 bucks cost a fortune in ebay.

      • Hi Pipo, sorry to say, but my color organ is long gone, so I don’t have a schematic. I just did a Google search for Color Organ and there are tons of kits you can buy to build one and they seem reasonably priced. Sorry I can’t recommend one or the other to you. Good luck finding one and bringing back those memories. Have fun!

        • Greetings,
          Here’s the next best thing if you’re unable to obtain or build one of these great light boxes from yesteryear. If you have an iPhone or iPad, check out my new app titled Magic Light Show recently available on the App Store. A short YouTube video is posted on my website, mckittrickdesign.com. Enjoy!

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