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  1. so, I am not crazy……… I loved the cereal and still look for it when I go into new grocery stores. I remember that it was more expensive then other cereals and it didn’t help any that it only lasted for one day. I wish they would bring it back I would easily buy a box a week.

    • I know what you mean. The box was pretty small, so for me, it literally only lasted a day or two. I think the expense to produce the cereal was what killed it’s production.

    • You must be really big eaters. Concentrate was exactley what Kellogg advertisied, concentrated! Anyone who complained about the “serving size”must have a problem with food consumption. You should consult a professional regarding this problem. This cereal was a break through for budget wary shoppers. You could easily fill the tummies of you children with 1/4 of a cup of cereal and a 1/2 cup of milk or water.This product realzed it’s boasts and filled our tummies with a tasty breakfast cereal.

  2. It was great cereal. Yes, It was a little more expensive than regular cereal but it sure was YUMMY!! Maybe Kellogg will make it again : )

  3. It was my favorite ceral. Mom didn’t like buyting it because it was expensive relative to the amount ouf cereal you got…

    • I’m sure my mom didn’t like how expensive this cereal was either, because that little box only lasted me for two meals.

  4. It was supposed to be consumed in tiny amounts—about a half-cup or so. It was advertised being consumed in delicate little fruit bowls. The stuff tasted AMAZING, but Mother wouldn’t let us have it above once a year. It lasted forever in my house, because Mother believed in moderation and economy, worse luck!! The last time I saw it was in he early eighties in a Persian convenience store. Tragically, it was terribly outdated. Ugh!!! And yes, I bought a box. Kellog’s! Take pity on us! A small run of $5.00 boxes won’t break the bank! And it would mke millions of Americans happy!

    • Well I guess I missed those advertisements with the delicate little fruit bowls. I liken my bowl to Jethro’s…remember The Beverly Hillbillies? :)
      If you’ve never seen it, the bowl was huge. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Will they ever bring it back? Let me tell you, if you never had it with half-and-half or light cream, you were really missing out on the full enjoyment of this stuff. We were all slim kids growing up, too. My parents were probably thankful when it left the market, because with four kids, a box didn’t last long.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think they will bring it back, because I heard it was too expensive to produce.
      I’ve never tried it with cream, but back then, we drank whole milk, so it was rich tasting enough. Mmmm!!
      I know what you mean, 1 box didn’t last long in my family either.

      Thanks for the comment!

  6. I too loved Concetrate cereal and ate it several times a day. I ate it plain and dry and loved it that way. I didn’t know anyone else who ever ate it or who had ever even heard of it except for anyone my family introduced it to. I grew up in the midwest and wondered if it was only marketed in certain areas of the country. Anyone out there from other parts of the country who ate Concentrate? I figured they stopped making it because no one bought it. I felt like I was the only person on earth who ate it religiously . I loved the pour spout that it had and the little box it came in.

    • Hmm, I don’t recall ever eating it dry, but to each his own.
      Who knows, maybe with today’s technologies in automation, maybe it will be more cost effective to produce this cereal and they will bring it back.
      Wishful thinking. Thanks for your comment!

    • My grandmother was into exercise, organic farming, and natural food back in the 1960s before hippies started the trend. Besides being given daily giant spoonfuls each of cod liver oil, honey, and molasses, she also gave me Concentrate cereal, the only processed food she would buy. I loved it, and I really miss it now. If Kellogg’s brings it back to California, I would be very pleased to buy it. The nutty bran flakes on the market now just leave me cold.

    • Grew up on Guam and remember how much my family loved that little box of Concentrate cereal. I looked for it for a long time.

  7. I soooooo remember concentrate cereal !! It was the best cereal ever !!! We have to get them to make it again !! Please please please start a campaign !!! Lol wouldn’t that be awesome !! The little gold box…. Sigh…..

  8. P.S. I grew up in Seattle and we had it here. Its so fun to read everyones comments ! Brings back great memories !!

  9. I dream about the cereal–i would save my allowance & buy it, as my parents also said it was too expensive. I sucked the milk out of it & savored the taste.
    i also put alot in ice cream & stirrred it till the ice cream was whipped consistency–yummmmmm . Can’t all of us get this cereal made again somehow??? I need this cereal !!!!!

    • Thanks for your comment. I made an inquiry to Kellogg’s about this cereal and I am putting together a post that will be on the blog in the next couple days.

  10. Gosh I LOVED this stuff as a kid….My brother and I would fight over it when we went to Nana and Pop-Pops every weekend……now that you mention it lol it NEVER DID last very long …….wish they would bring it back was soooooooooo YUMMY!!

  11. Yes – delicious stuff! I just googled it today out of the blue, and saw this list of comments. My mom used to get it for herself and had to stop buying it when my sisters and I caught on to how good it was because there was never any left for her after that! Yummm. What blog are you going to post the info from Kellogs on, this site? I’d look forward to seeing that.

    • Hi Carol, thanks for reminding me that I didn’t post the reply that I received from Kellogg’s. I enjoyed reading your comment too! : D

      In short, I inquired if there was any plans to bring back their Concentrate cereal, and here is their reply:

      “Thank you for contacting us regarding Kellogg’s® Concentrate cereal.

      Unfortunately, stores only want to stock the fastest moving products. If the stores start to discontinue an item, we find that we cannot produce the smaller volumes the business demands. It is always difficult for us to make the decision to discontinue a product, as we know it is always someone’s favorite. At this time, there are no plans to reintroduce it.

      We know that it will be hard to find a replacement, but we are always developing new products so we are sure that you will soon find another favorite! You should try Kellogg’s® All Bran® Bran Buds cereal.

      Please be assured that your wish to have this product back on store shelves has been shared with the appropriate department. We appreciate your interest and loyalty to our brands and trust that we will continue to meet your needs for many years to come.


      Name removed
      Consumer Specialist
      Consumer Affairs”

  12. I, too used tomsuck the milk out of the cereal in my mouth and enjoyed the lump–so delish…is there anyone here who has checked into asking Kellogg’s if they ciuld rerelease this healthy delish-fest. I think it would be a fabulous addition to yogurt, maybe the health/yogurt aspect would pique theirmanufacturing lines

  13. or maybe we should do a letter-writing campaign? there’s a facebook page for Concentrate, so……

  14. Every once and awhile my older brother would get mom to but this cereal claiming it was healthy for him. Being a little kid I thought it probably tasted horrible, but I tried it one time and it was amazing and I had a big bowl of it! After that my brother would hide the cereal in his room (where I was forbidden to even enter) because he knew I would eat it all. I wise they would bring it back.

  15. My whole family loved this cereal too! My dad would sprinkle it on our eggs – delish! I’d definitely pay a higher price to get my hands on a box today!

    • Hmmm, I’ve never tried heard of anyone putting this on eggs. Too bad I won’t be able to try it. Thanks for your comment!

  16. When I was two years old my mom fed this to me. This was all I had for breakfast from then until I was 21 in 1981 when they stopped making it. That was the last time I ate breakfast. For me, breakfast IS Kellogg’s Concentrate and I have NEVER eaten anything else for breakfast. I will have my next breakfast the day they bring it back. The only reason they discontinued this was due to corporate greed. One small box provided 100% of all the nutrition you needed for nearly a week. The moment they stopped making this the other cereal sales soared. Making this cost them profits in other areas. If just one enterprising company were to make this cereal they would put Kellogs, Post, Big G and the rest out of business in a week. Am I bitter? You’d be bitter too if you were betrayed like this!

  17. Delighted to read so many others loved Concentrate also.
    Ate it in NY untill it was off the shelves.
    I used to put it in a flat bottomed bowl, mush the ceral down, drink the milk anc then enjoy the lumpy clumps.
    My brothers teased the crap out of me.
    It was the one thing my mother would buy just for me.
    Thanks Mom.
    I miss you and my favorite cereal.

  18. While at the grocery store tonight, I decided to treat myself to something bad for me and decided it would be a cereal other than granola. I immediately grabbed a box of Captain Crunch but as usual did a hopeful check for Concentrate. It was a part of daily life as a kid . I would still eat it daily if available. Of course the sugar to cereal concoction I would create was not too healthy but not was it good.

  19. I too remember Concentrate! I recently bought a glass jar of wheat germ because the flakes look similar in size and texture. I then sprinkled it over my cereal and then sprinkled “a little bit” of sugar over that. It tasted about as close to Concentrate as anything I’ve tried in the near 30 years since I had some! I didn’t remember that it was expensive, only that we sprinkled it on our cereals. Maybe that was to make it go farther! :-) I too wish they’d bring it back! I just recently found “Carnation Instant Breakfast Variety Box” after years of looking for it. Most supermarkets have the chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry in individual boxes. The variety has my old favorite “Classic Chocolate Malt!” I recently also saw Holly Robinson Peet in a new commercial for it and they’ve renamed it, “Carnation Breakfast Essentials!” The variety box has milk chocolate AND dark chocolate in it! :-)
    Kellogg’s, bring back concentrate and Carnation, make the variety box more available! :-)

  20. I loved this cereal, so did my dad, he would push the cereal to the side in the bowl and take spoonfuls through the milk so it wouldn’t get too soggy. I miss it and it is very dear to me and my memories in childhood, Wish they would bring it back. ;-}

  21. My mama looooooved this cereal. When she was told at the grocery store that it was not going to be manufactured any more, she bought every remaining case, then she went to the on,y other 2 stores in our small town and bought all they had as well. It last about two years, and she grieved when the last bowl was eaten.

  22. Glad to see photo of the box again. My sister, who moved to Norway in 1999, called tonight and reminded me of that cereal we used to eat at our grandparents in the 1960’s. Happy memories!

  23. I can still taste and smell it. It was a very unique cereal. I never ate breakfast much unless I visited my grandmother who had Concentrate in her kitchen. When they took it away I stopped eating breakfast and haven’t since. I too bought the wheat germ which looked like it but was nowhere near as good. It sat in my kitchen until I threw it out 6 months later. Now I just drink O.J.

  24. Was shopping last night and as usual checked the aisle for my favorite cereal ever! It’s nice to know that there are so many who enjoyed Concentrate as much as I did and very weird that we all ate it the same way :)

  25. WONDERFULL cereal…awesome memories….its interesting how K can push endless sugar loaded cereals, but refuse to” re -intro ” their best,healthiest, cereal ” concentrate”,,,Perhaps they do not think us ‘boomers’ are a sure bet, buying wise. they SHOULD look at any number of charts showing exactly who has GREAT buying power…Yup, Ks missing the boat on this one

    • I think they should bring it back for the kids of us baby boomers. I think it will be a hit.

  26. I have missed this cereal for years. As I look at the cereal aisle nothing comes close to concentrate in value and nutrition. I don’t know if it was expensive as I was a child and had no concept of paying for anything but I do know that my parents in the 60’s were avid buyers of concentrate for the family. Perhaps we can submit a letters with signatures to Kellogg’s encouraging them to bring it back. Maybe a signature campaign. I do miss it.

  27. My Dad was a pediatrician and recommended this cereal (and no others) to parents. As a kid growing up, I was skinny. At age 12 I weighed 60 lb. They fed me 6x a day, and Concentrate with cream (NOT half&half) was part of breakfast. I LOVED the taste, and sure wish I could find anything this healthy for my 5 kids.

  28. A friend recommended adding oat bran to my diet to reduce BP. We got a bag, and because it looked so similar to Kelloggs’ Concentrate, I gave it a road test. With the bran sitting in a large cup, I added some milk, and let it sit for about five minutes. The bran soaked up most of the milk so I added a bit more, and it looked just like a bowl of Concentrate did decades ago. I took my first spoonful, and it was pretty good. The texture was almost exactly as I remember, but the taste was a bit bland.
    I will continue to peruse the taste I remember, and advise you if I succeed.You too might want to try this yourself, and let the rest of us know if you’re successful.

  29. I have been craving this cereal, and thinking that I must have imagined its existence because I havent seen it for years. It is reassuring to see that many people remember and loved it too. I wonder what was in it that tasted so good. And the internet photos of the package bring such nostalgia. I sort of remember that it changed in taste from when I was maybe 8 years old when my mother first bought it, to when I had it again as a teenager or young adult. It tasted different and maybe not quite as good when I got older. Did Kellogs change it over the years? What made it taste so good in its original form?

    • Thanks for your comments. I don’t remember a change in taste, but I do know that as I get older (and older), my taste in foods changes too. Things that I use to love as a kid, just don’t have that same appeal as an adult.

  30. The most unique, delicious and outstanding cereal I have ever eaten back in the early 70s. Too bad Kellogs discontinued the item. There is no other cereal on the market like it. I am really not a cereal eater, but if this ever hit the shelves again, made the same way, I would certainly purchase a couple boxes a week. Kellogg if you are reading these posts please reconsider manufacturing this cereal again. Hey…Wonder bread came back along with the twinkles…Now it is time for this cereal to make a comeback….

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