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  1. Absolutely, born in the late 70’s, used them in the mid-eighties at school, all over the country! We were trying to figure out how PeeChees got their name…

  2. I have been wondering about these lately as I realized my friends outside the west coast had never heard of a pee-chee. Every one I know from OR and WA who graduated from 10 to 40 years ago used them or know about them.

  3. I used these back in the late 60’s early 70’s
    in central Illinois. We bought them at the school
    store…they were 25 cents I think. As mentioned,
    Great for doodling when I should have been
    paying attention!

  4. I had them every year during mid-to late grade school, and continued to use them through high school (I graduated in 1980). I remember doodling, drawing, and coloring on them.

    I live in the PNW.

    Pee Chee’s came up recently during a conversation among myself and a group of web friends. They had no idea what on earth I was talking about, even after seeing a picture. They live on the east coast. I had always assumed the folders were nationwide and part of everybody’s school supplies.

    Mead started making the Pee Chee folder again in 2010, and they can be found on Amazon, but as far as I can tell, the plain yellow/gold folder that most of us remember is no more. They’re now made in weird colors. Not the same. To me anyway.

    I think it’s strange that there’s no info. about how the folder got its name. I’ve seen pictures of Pee Chee’s from the late 40s/early 50s, and they’re kind of cool.

    • Hi Carole, thanks for your detailed recollection of the Pee Chee folder, like you, I thought it was a nationwide thing too, but that may not be the case.

  5. I’ve created a Flickr group devoted to Pee Chee Folder Art:

    Pee Chee Folder Art

    ‚Ķdevoted to the preservation of this truly lost art form. Pee Chee Folder Art has got to be one of the purest, most honest forms of artistic expression I’ve ever known; a total icon of ’70s and ’80s youth culture and rebellion. Drop on by, or better yet, dig through your closet/basement/attic/trash and contribute yours to the group! =)

  6. I remember these well and recently read that the name was given because of the original peach color that the folders were made in.
    I recently purchased some at a grocery store for 25 cents on sale. Nothing much has changed as they are still cheap. 40 cents was the original price.

    • Hi Mimi, thanks for your comments about the Pee Chee folders. I hadn’t heard that about how the Pee Chee folder got it’s name, that’s a great tidbit of information. Wow, what a steal at 25 cents! Thanks again for sharing.

  7. We had Pee Chee folders in the 1980s/1990s in Iowa. At that time, they were only made in peach color (which gave the folders their names, I believe). They were so widespread then that you could see them on TV, as sitcom students used them on TV shows.

    You can still get them today on Amazon, but be careful: some disreputable vendors are selling them for about $5.00 each, which, when coupled with shipping, makes them quite expensive. Other Amazon dealers have more reasonable prices. Shop around to find the best deals.

    • Ron, thanks for the warning about shopping online for the Pee Chee folders, this holds true for just about anything you shop for online.

  8. A physician I work with asked me last week if I remembered ‘Pee Chees.’ Absolutely. I was born in 1951 in Portland OR. EVERYBODY had them. From grade school through junior college. In the late ’50’s, I am sure that they were selling for $.10’s a piece. I am thinking by the late ’60’s they went for $.25 a piece. I found several of them in my parents basement…corners tattered and doodled all over. Ironically, my home work had to be pristine but I must not have cared how my folders appeared.

    As an aside, does anyone remember the term ‘hallock?’ I’m wondering if it was a word used only in the Pacific Northwest. In the ’50’s, during summer vacation, we could go berry picking to earn a bit of extra money. A hallock was a about a pint size container to put the freshly picked strawberries in. I’m thinking it took 12 hallock’s to complete a flat of berries. They were made of very thin (real) wood.

    • Nucgal, thanks for your comments. I’ve never heard of a hallock before, but I’m from Southern California, so it could be a Pacific Northwest thing. It’s funny, I guess as we get older, we tend to look back on how things use to be.

      Ahh, the good ol’ days!

  9. According to information on Mead’s website the Pee Chee folder got it’s name as a play on words regarding the color which was considered to be “peach.” When pronounced as intended the name sounds as “peachy” which was a common expression for “good” in the 1940s when the folders were created.

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