5 comments on “Vertical and Horizontal Hold On Televisions

  1. I remember those days! Of course now, even with digital, the signal isn’t always perfect (at least in our area). There are times when there are blips from weak signals and it interrupts whatever we’re watching. The difference is that now, we can’t do anything about it but wait it out.

    Thankfully we don’t watch much network television.

    • I guess every technology had their own type of problems. We get rid of one problem and new ones move in to take their place. Although, nothing was more annoying than a rolling television screen.

  2. Even in the world of analog TV, I saw the horizontal hold knob go through three phases.

    1 The horizontal and vertical hold knobs both stuck out of the TV, meaning you could turn them with your fingers. Sometimes the vertical hold knob was on the front but the horizontal hold knob was always on the back.

    2 The horizontal hold know was recessed into the TV, and you needed a screwdriver or some other tool to rotate it.

    3 It was gone. No horizontal hold knob at all. If your TV developed a horizontal hold problem, you were just f***ed.

    My guess is that once, TVs needed this knob, later they didn’t need it so much, and after than, they thought the problem would no longer happen. “This new TV we built is so good that the horizontal hold thingy won’t happen.” Turns out I know people who have digital satellite AND an analog TV. They have endless problems when a power outage requires their system to reboot. In spite of a decent device to convert digital to analog, it doesn’t get the horizontal hold right every time, and they have to reboot (again).

    • Great observation! I haven’t seen the horizontal or vertical problems since the ’60s, that amazes me that you know someone that still has this problem. : )

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