16 comments on “My Inquiry To Kellogg’s About Their Kellogg’s Concentrate Cereal

  1. I wish that Kellog’s would bring this cereal back. Concentrate was unto itself, there is nothing close to it. The cereals out right now are very sweet, or full of granola boulders or other such clusters. sometimes you want something simple.

    • I agree, I wish this cereal would come back! I also wrote to Kellogg and got a similar letter back. I wonder if these letters even go to the right person. Concentrate was out so many years ago, if they would relaunch it now, I’m sure it would be fast moving. I wish there was a way for us to directly get in touch with the CEO, John A Bryant. I tried reaching him on social media, but couldn’t find him. If Kelloggs would make that cereal again, I’d buy so much, and would do my best, personally, to promote it. I think Kellogg’s is crazy, they are really missing a great market opportunity, especially in today’s world that is so health conscious (and we want good food with the healthy stuff, too).

  2. It all boils down to corporate greed. The comment by Kelloggs above is BS. Kelloggs stopped making this because it competed against the other cereals. One box of concentrate had the nutrition of three big boxes of any other cereal. When they stopped selling this other cereal sales soared. My grandfather was a grocer. He couldn’t keep this on his shelves it sold so fast. Concentrate accounted for 30% of cereal sales until they stopped making it. He reserved a private supply for me when I was growing up but he could never convince Kelloggs to ship him enough to keep the shelf full. He ALWAYS had a waiting list for this. Corn Flakes, however, would sell maybe one box a day as an example.

    • Hi John, I don’t know the truth of why it was pulled from the shelves and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was due to the reason you stated. All I know is that it was one of the better tasting cereals out there and I was very disappointed to see it go. Thanks for your candor.

  3. our family talks about that cereal to this day, and when the time comes that I have to write a bucket list, concentrate would be at the top of the list. There is alot of grain-mills out there, perhaps someone could get the recipe or process to making this cereal and then find a mill to make it? I used to work for a grain-mill here where I live and I know they would make it, I brought it to there attn. before.

    • It’s funny how something so simple like a breakfast cereal can stick in our memories for decades after it’s gone. This cereal gets more comments on my blog than any other post. Truly amazing! I hope one day they will think about bringing it back again, or perhaps you will figure out that special recipe and distribute it yourself and make many people very happy. :)

  4. I have an unstoppable craving for the cereal too. I was born in 57, and remember savoring every mouthful. Oh, that taste. Oh, that texture. So…..I finally deciphered one of the ingredients that I just couldn’t understand the letters in, but my daughter did, from a picture of a box online!I I plan to make it. We have to have it back. We have to. This is my most important goal! Pray for this development, and the funding to manufacture it in a big way, because it WILL be a hit. I will start to experiment right here in my kitchen. All of the ingredients are available. Have FAITH.

    • I second this!!!

      I was born in ’56; so I, too have fond memories of Concentrate. And, like you, I have been hoping that Kellog’s would dust off this wonderful product!!

      So, if you can figure out a way to emulate the cereal, I would be second in line!

      Olfactory memory is both long and accurate; if you can nail this one, you’ll be giving a LOT of us a piece of our childhood back!

      If, assuming you can get the formula right (I’d suggest scouring eBay for an UNOPENED box to have analyzed) you can find a “co-packer” to actually PRODUCE this for you (under a nice Non-Disclosure). THEN, after a year or so of online sales, get on the show Shark Tank, and even if you DON’T “get a deal”, the exposure lane will likely put you over the top!!!

    • Cynthia,

      I don’t know if you have seen this particular image, but it is a VERY CLEAR representation of ALL sides of the box, including the end-panel with the INGREDIENTS!!!

      I am not a food-analyst; but if I had to guess, I’d say the unique taste we all remember was due primarily from the large amount of Whey (it’s the second ingredient!!!). And I note that the anti-gluten crowd won’t likely to be your customers, LOL!!!

      Anyway, here’s that link, and I hope this spurs you to keep pursing this!!!


      • Thanks Doug for the comment and package picture. Now we just wait and see if some inventive cook out there can figure out how to copy it.

  5. To kelloggs… read your reasons why your company probably won’t bring back concentrate. Its not really a good one because its been years since its been in the grocery stores and their are different generations now and will love it. The cereals on the shelves now stinks. They are some of the worst cereals ever. I will try something new and it will actually cause me to throw up. I think you kelloggs would be really surprised at the sales you would have. So please consider bringing it back. If not give your patent to me and I will show you how rich I will become.

  6. Our whole family was brought up on this cereal. I still look for it. If ALL the “boomers” knew it was back on the market, you wouldn’t be concerned about sales! Please bring it back. Nothing else compares!

  7. I ate this stuff from nearly the first day it was introduced in late 50’s all through the 60’s and during College from 69 to 73. And then in the small town I was working I could not get it anymore. I was the best cereal ever branded and put of the market. Every friend I had growing up that ate breakfast with me growing up loved Concentrate. I think what killed it off was the small box size and price as it cost a bit more than the garbage the other brands put out that was nothing but sugar and more sugar. It was a healthy cereal and would do well today in the current world of health nuts, so Kellogg’s what the hell give it another go and see what happens your shareholders will love you for it.

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