6 comments on “Blue Chip and S&H Green Stamps

  1. i live in hallandale,fla and i ran across 7 books of the blue chip savings book filled by my 89 yr old mother that had collected them i would like to know where i can redeem them for what they are worth my cell phone # is (number removed for privacy)

    • Hello Jeremiah, I’m not aware of any place that will redeem the Blue Chip Stamps book today. I was under the impression that the redemption centers closed many years ago, but after checking online I found a fairly recent (within the last few years) entry such as the one below below:

      FYI, I did not research the address or phone numbers contained in this site, so I don’t know if they are legitimate or not.


      Good luck!

      PS: Let me know if you are able to redeem your books, I’m sure there are others that may be interested in knowing this.

  2. Aren’t there just some great things about growing up during the ’50 and 60’s that just makes you feel happy to be a baby boomer? I was just going down memory lane and thought about stamp trading Blue Chip and S & H Green Stamps. Stamp licking and pasting was like a Friday or Saturday night bonding ritual for the family. Make some popcorn, get some soda pop and break out the stamps from the drawer and get busy. The best part was looking thru the tcatalog of items to figure out how many stamps you needed for what you wanted- and there was some pretty good stuff. One of my Christmas presents was form Blue Chip. For those of you who don’t have this memory in the “vault”, it was a fun one to remember and smile about. Go 50’s and 60’s baby boos.

    • I remember very well blue chips. We would get them at the market and gas stations. We would paste in the books and my mother would bind the books with huge rubberbands and we would look at the catalogs and go to our local Blue Chip redemption center on Lincoln Blvd in Anaheim. Those were good times.

  3. My mom would load us up and drive out to a gas station in Union City, CA where she got 27 times the purchase in stamps. We would come home with a huge wad of stamps. We would then sit around putting them in books (sticky mess when we were done). When my mom had a pile, we would look through the catalog. The kids were allowed to pick something for their birthdays. Many of the items in the kitchen were purchased this way. Good times

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