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wimpy holding hamburger

What! You say you’ve never heard of Wimpy?

Well, you must not have been a cartoon watcher as a kid or you just didn’t watch the Popeye the Sailor Man cartoon series. The Popeye character has been around since the late 1920’s and is still around today on clothes and as toys.

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”, were the words that Wimpy, the pleasantly plump friend of Popeye in the Popeye cartoons back in the 1960’s, use to say quite often. Wimpy was quite the moocher.

A 6-minute Popeye cartoon, featuring Wimpy:

Ask any of my close friends and they’ll tell you that one of my favorite foods is the good ol’ hamburger.

I’m not one of those hamburger snobs either. I don’t care for those fancy gourmet burgers either with all that unrecognizable stuff in it, like what are arugula, feta and sprouts doing in a burger! Just give me a good old fashion all American cheeseburger with an all beef patty, sesame seed bun, lettuce, onion, tomato, mustard and ketchup. Make it a double decker while you’re at it.

I went to a place that is relatively new in my area, called Black Bear Diner and they have a hamburger called the Bacon & Cheddar Stuffed Burger. It’s a beef patty stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon bits. I’ve had it a couple times, and it was delicious, one of the best, tastiest burgers I’ve ever had.

The phrase that Wimpy uttered back in my ’60s era, has endured all of these years and was even used on the television show, The Office:

To learn more about Wimpy, click link below:

If you want to learn more about the Hamburger, check out wikipedia’s explanation:

Remember this commercial? I remember it well.

I was the proud owner of a first generation version of both the Creepy Crawler (Thingmaker) and Incredible Edible toys back in the ’60s. The Thingmaker was a very entertaining toy back in those days. It allowed me to make all kinds of different types of bugs and a multitude of other shapes, in an unlimited number of colors based on what color Plastigoop I used and/or mixed together.

I especially remember the strong smell of Plastigoop as it heated up and started to bubble in the metal molds. The fumes were probably toxic, but who cared about safety back then. I probably lost a mass of brain cells making Creepy Crawlers all day long. I’m sure my friends and family are saying to themselves–now that explains a lot. :)

Us kids were given all kinds of potentially dangerous toys back then, remember the chemistry set? Can you say chemical burn or BOOOM!!!

The Incredible Edible set was similar to the Creepy Crawler toy, in that it used molds to form different shapes and a heating element to cook it, but it used an edible liquid called Gobble De-Goop, that when heated, turned into what I can best describe as the consistency of a Gummy Bear. The taste was indescribable, not too bad, but not great either. If they had sold these at the candy store, they would definitely not have been my first choice.

I was amazed to see that they still make the Creepy Crawler toy. The toy has changed hands a few times since Mattel manufactured it in 1964, and it has become safer to use (that’s no fun). I also found out that they created a Saturday morning cartoon called, what else, Creepy Crawlers, that lasted two seasons.

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