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Do you have any fond memories of any particular foods from your childhood?

As strange as it may seem, I really liked those hockey puck hamburgers from my junior high school. You remember the ones, two buns, the hockey puck burger patty and mustard, that’s it. They had a very distinctive taste to them, none of which would be recognizable today as a delicious burger. Knowing me though, I bet I would still like them today.

Another food or snack from my childhood was recently brought to my attention by a couple friends–the original Taco Flavored Doritos are back! Remember these?


Well I called upon whatever will power I possessed to keep me from tearing into the bag of chips that my friends gave me, just long enough so I could snap a photograph of the bag for this post. Once I opened the bag, I took a bite of my first chip and it was just like I remember them. Even the look of the bag was as I remembered it.

Another friend of mine was looking for these chips at his local market, but was unable to find them, I think he mentioned they were sold out. The bag does say “Limited Edition” in the upper left corner, but it’s unclear if this means the retro packaging is a limited edition or the taco flavoring is a limited edition.

If anyone has seen the Taco Flavored Doritios in their local supermarket, kindly leave a comment where you saw them, for others to see.

Thanks, and enjoy the memory!

Here’s a couple Doritos commercials from the 2011 Super Bowl game:

And another from the 2010 Super Bowl:

To see a fan-created Doritos commercial for Superbowl XLIII, “Free Doritos”, click the link below. The commercial was ranked by the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter as the best ad for the year.
Free Doritos Commerical

For more details, visit at: