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Since my blog is all about places, persons and things that have in some way been a part of my life, I bet you’re wondering; what does the Black Dahlia murder have to do with me–well actually nothing. Let me explain.

Here’s a little background on the Black Dahlia murder if you’ve never heard about it. On January 15, 1947, the badly mutilated body of Elizabeth Short (nicknamed the Black Dahlia) was found in a vacant lot in the Leimert Park area of Los Angeles. As of today, her murder has never been solved, but a former LAPD homicide detective, Steve Hodel, says he knows who did it, claiming that his father, George Hodel, who died in 1999, had committed the Black Dahlia murder (photo below). Dr. George Hodel

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“In the book, The Black Dahlia Avenger, Dr. Hodel’s son, Steve Hodel, builds a very strong case against him as the alleged murderer. It is believed by many that the body of Elizabeth Short was dissected at the house on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood, California. The Sheriff’s department set up surveillance on Hodel at this location and taped his conversation during the investigation.”

Swoden HouseThis is a photo of the home on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood (left). The home was once a private residence owned by Dr. George Hodel, as well as others, but is now being rented out for lodging and parties.

During my entire childhood and early adulthood, I lived in Los Angeles, California. The home on Franklin Avenue referenced above is known by many as the Sowden House and was built by Lloyd Wright, son of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This home was just blocks away from where I lived and I use to pass by it constantly either on bike or when I drove by, hence my connection with the Black Dahlia murder. Ok, I know it’s kinda weak, but a connection none the less.

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