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Pee Chee Folder

Remember the Pee Chee folders from junior high or high school days in the ’60s & ’70s? Those yellow & brown colored folders that everybody and their kid brother used to hold their school papers. Actually, according to, the Pee Chee folder was first produced in 1943 by the Western Tablet and Stationary Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Of course that was way before my time, I was first introduced to them in the late ’60s in junior high, or I guess they call it middle school these days.

Soon after the Pee Chee folders were purchased, the students creative juices began to flow. It usually began to flow during math, history or english class…go figure. The Pee Chee folder was used as a blank canvas and it usually involved changing the hairdos, bodies or faces of the athletes that were printed on the folder or just filling the surface with a multitude of doodles.

As you can see from the picture of the folder, these folders weren’t going to break the bank at 2 for 25 cents, so you always had a clean canvas on hand, if your doodling got out of control.

I found this later incarnation of the Pee Chee folder on the web, I believe it to be from 2008.
2008 Pee Chee Folder

I’m not sure how wide spread these folders were, if they were all over the United States and beyond. Leave me a comment if you remember using the Pee Chee folders and what year, city, state or country you are in. Thanks!